singing is an important element in our worship time but we recognize God has chosen to speak to us primarily through his word. BIBLICAL Preaching is central. 


Our primary goal during worship is to glorify the Father and lift up the Son. We know the Holy Spirit is with us to help us with this. We believe in the power of prayer. We'd love to pray with you concerning what is happening in your life. God wants you to know Him personally.

Written Communications

True worship also involves our minds. God wants us to know Him through His Word. We'd love to help you on your journey in His grace. We believe in preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ through the spoken and written Word. The reason we have a Bible today is because God inspired men to write things for others to read. So, written communication is vital. Pastor Tom has written over 20 Bible-based books to help spread the truth of the Word. Check out some of the titles at the link on the picture to the right.